Thursday, 16 February 2012

Live coverage of the AGTB Meeting

Yesterday (Wednesday, February 15) there was the opening of the 2012 Advances in Genome Biology & Technology meeting in Marco Island (a boring place if I trust the pictures I've seen).
The ones who have not been able to fly to Florida can get the AGBT highligths through the Twitter feed provided by Dan Koboldt, the curator of the MassGenomics blog.
In his blog Dan provides a number of information about the meeting.
When he comes back he hopes to have an answer to questions like these:

Which is better: IonTorrent PGM or Illumina MiSeq?
What’s the current product quality and sequencing backlog of Complete Genomics?
Should I start saying “Roche” instead of “Illumina”?
Is there a future in 454 sequencing?
Exome kits: Are researchers leaning toward Nimblegen, Agilent, or Illumina?
Who’s got a real shot at the $1,000 genome this year?
Is this genome-in-a-day thing realistic, or pie-in-the-sky?

Like many of us, Dan is particularly looking forward to the presentation from Oxford Nanopore, who earlier this month promised to have a commercial instrument available in 2012.
Stay tuned.

Addendum: an additional massive AGBT coverage at #AGBT . A good summary of tweets is also available on the "Pathogens: Genes and Genomes" blog (AGBT 2012 Day 1 and Day 2 Tweets)

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