Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Asia starts its own population sequencing project

After the success of sequencing projects like 1000G and UK10K and the recent start of the 100k Genomes Project in UK and the Precision Medicine Initiative in US, now also Asia enter the field of population scale genomics!

Indeed, a new non-profit consortium, GenomeAsia 100k, has been announced with the plan to sequence 100k individuals from populations throughout South, North, and East Asia, with the goal of creating phased reference genomes for all major Asian ethnic groups. The sequencing of 100,000 individuals will be combined with micro-biome, clinical and phenotype information to allow deeper analysis of diseased and healthy individuals.

The group is led by the Nanyang Technological University, with two private company as partners for sequencing and analysis services: Macrogen and MedGenome.

Read the official new here or the report from GenomeWeb.