Wednesday, 25 February 2015

AGBT 2015 is here!!

Here it is another edition of the exciting conference AGBT (advances in genome biology an technology).
As usual there are a lot of new technologies announced and hundreds of interesting talks touching every aspects of genomics and presenting the latest technologies and methods!

In this first day one there is a lot of talking about the new platform from 10X Genomics that promise to use massive fragment labeling to assemble long reads from standard short reads produce by Illumina technology. The new instrument will thus be an add-on for seqeucning labs instead of a completely new sequencing technologies with the ability to deliver long haplotypes.
Let see what they will reveal at the official presentations

Don't forget to follow the conference in real-time on twitter #AGBT15
If you want an overview of what is going on take a look to the official agenda and to the full list of posters and software presented on site.