Wednesday, 1 February 2012

2012 will be the year of Nanopore Single Molecule DNA Sequencing

In a couple of weeks we will know more about it. It has been confirmed that Clive Brown, the Chief Technology Officer of Oxford Nanopore Technologies, will be talking at the AGTB meeting about “Single Molecule ‘Strand’ Sequencing Using Protein Nanopores and Scalable Electronic Devices”. On February 17th we will likely know if the new technology will represent a competitor of the (relatively) few but long reads of the PacBio RS or if it will be directely projected in the $1000 genome race.
You can read some interesting speculations on what is going on in the following posts on the Core Genomics blog: Oxford Nanopore confirmed at AGBT; Nanopore sequencing: is the hype about to end? How does a nanopore sequencer work?
Today InSequence has an article with an intriguing title on the same topic "Oxford Nanopore to Commercialize DNA Strand Sequencing this Year; Illumina not Involved".
A press release on the ONT website clearly states "Oxford Nanopore intends to commercialise DNA strand sequencing products, directly to customers within 2012. At the AGBT presentation, Oxford Nanopore will show DNA strand sequencing data and other disruptive features of the Company's proprietary electronics-based sensing devices."

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