Thursday, 1 October 2015

1000$ genome finally broken?

Risultati immagini per 1000$ genome

From the introduction of Illumina X Ten about an year ago, the goal of 1000$ genome seems at grasp. As I see it, this milestone will be reached when a personal genome could be provided to consumer for 1000$ or less overall price, including at least library, sequencing and variant identification.
From my recent experience, we can get all this stuff delivered now for a 30X human genome paying about 1500$ for normal sized project or 1200$ for large ones.

Risultati immagini per personal genome projectHowever, recent new from Veritas Genomics (a genomic service company founded by George Church) and the PGP (Personal Genome Project) promise to finally break the barrier, pushing the price down to 999$. The two groups have announced a collaboration that will initially provide the service only for the partecipant enrolled in PGP, but Veritas has promised that they will open this service to common customers soon.

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So it may be a good time for a full genome sequence Xmas gift!

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