Monday, 23 June 2014

PubMed Highlight: Complete review of computational biology free courses

This paper is a great resource for anyone looking to get started in a computational biology, or just looking to an insight on a specific topics ranging from natural language processing to evolutionary theory. The author describes hundreds of video courses that are foundational to a good understanding of computational biology and bioinformatics. The table of contents breaks the curriculum down into 11 "departments" with links to online courses in each subject area:
  • Mathematics Department
  • Computer Science Department
  • Data Science Department
  • Chemistry Department
  • Biology Department
  • Computational Biology Department
  • Evolutionary Biology Department
  • Systems Biology Department
  • Neurosciences Department
  • Translational Sciences Department
  • Humanities Department

Listings in the catalog can take one of three forms: Courses, Current Topics, or Seminars. All listed courses are video-based and free of charge. The author has tested most of the courses, having enrolled in up to a dozen at a time, and he shared his experience in this paper. So you can find commentary on the importance of the subject and an opinion on the quality of instruction. For the courses that the author completed, listings have an "evaluation" section, which ranks the course in difficulty, time requirements, lecture/homework effectiveness, assessment quality, and overall opinions. Finally there are also autobiographical annotations reporting why the courses have revealed useful in a bioinformatics career. 

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