Thursday, 2 January 2014

Human Genome Variation Journal announced

Nature group has just announced a new open access journal focused on study and discoveries about variation in the human genome and their relation to human phenotypes, with particular interest in disease related studies. "The journal was born from a demand by the community for a place to publish important discoveries, observations and analysis about research on the human genome." Nature reports in the home page of the new journal.

The topic is quite interesting, but the most intriguing aspect of this new born publication is a new kind of article named "Data Reports". Under this category the journal will publish "standardized reports about genomic variation and variability, especially in relation to disease". Even if peer reviewed, Data Reports will full a short editorial procedure, to allow for rapid publication. Moreover they will create a open access database to query around these data providing a powerful new instrument to rapidly find association between genomic variation and particular health traits.
As defined in the Journal guidelines "Data Reports are short reports about human genome variation and variability, which describe disease-causing variation and/or their frequencies. In addition, Data Reports can describe, document and analyze human multifactorial disease-associated variations and their frequencies."

The journal will start considering submission from March 2014.

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