Thursday, 28 March 2013

Elementary elements in bioinformatics

In these days I'm attending to an intensive course on NGS data analysis...Everyday we deal with about 9h of bioinformatics, both theory and scripting...And a tons of useful tools have been cited during the course...
Since the names of these softwares are all but easy to remember, I found myself wondering for a summary that give a compact and organized overview and quick access to the main ones.

Considering that bioinformatics tricks have became as essentials as chemical elements, The Elements of Bioinformatics table from Eagle Genomics is an efficient and funny answer to my needs
If programming, analyzing DNA data and talking about stats and complex biology don't satisfy your need to look nerdy, use this table to remember strange-named tools should improve your reputation as a real geek!!

Have fun (if you read this blog I'm sure you will!)

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