Wednesday, 20 February 2013

2012 NGS Market Survey by CLC Bio

As in 2011, CLC Bio has provided an extensive survey of the NGS market also for 2012. The picture is constructed based on responses from 708 individuals in 73 countries: about 24.6 percent work in the US, 73 percent of respondents work in academic research while 9 percent work in industry, another 9 percent in government, and 6 percent work in not-for-profit organizations, according to the survey.

Illumina’s HiSeq and MiSeq emerged as the most diffused instruments, used by about 34.6 percent and 21.3 percent of respondents. Meanwhile, Roche’s 454 sequencers got 21.2 percent of the votes and Life Technologies’ Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine got 11.5 percent of the responses.
Talking about applications, Whole Genome Sequencing, RNA-Seq Expression analysis and de novo sequencing stay on top with about 40%, followed by amplicon sequencing. Instead, Whole Exome Sequencing seems quite limited in use with only 12%, that is quite unexpected in my opinion.

See the complete survey on CLC website for further details!

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