Friday, 30 November 2012

PubMed Highlight: Watermelon and Pear sequenced!

We can now add watermelon and pear to the rapidly increasing list of genome sequenced fruits! The draft sequence of watermelon was recently published on Nature Genetics, while pear sequence make its appearance on Genome Research.

Both papers report the high quality draft genome sequence, together with gene-prediction and chromosomal mapping, and reconstruct evolution of the modern fruit species, also identifying the main effects of human selection.
Besides providing useful information for further genetic improvements, the increasing number of fruit genomes available will shortly allow for identification of fruit salad or mixed juice components by sequencing...Imagine this future: just get your Oxford Nanopore MinIon sequencer out of your pocket, take a drop of juice and in a matter of minutes you'll know exactly which fruits your going to drink or eat!

Ok, maybe I'm pushing the sequencing thing a little bit too further!

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