Thursday, 11 October 2012

Vela Diagnostic announce develop of diagnostic test on Ion Torrent PGM

Vela Diagnostics has just announced that it has start developing new molecular diagnostic test on the Ion Torrent PGM. Thank to a partnership with Life Technologies, they will have access to the full spectrum of available chips and reagents to develop and optimize their new tests (see the full press-release).

The new kits, announced for 2014, will aim oncology and infectious diseases, where the company has a well established expertise, selling tests for influenza, norovirus, and hepatitis C and B viruses. However CEO Michael Tillmann has declared that the access to NGS technology allow the team to grow according to market demands and eventually move to whole-exome or whole-genome tests.

VelaDx plans to seek regulatory approval for its tests, including clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration and also Life Tech has said that it plans to seek FDA 510(k) clearance for the PGM.

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