Thursday, 2 August 2012

Illumina move aggressively in the Desktop Sequenchers battlefield

A furious commercial fight is going on in the NGS market on desktop sequenchers, with both Illumina and Life Tech constantly and rapidly updating their technologies, while pointing out at the rival pitfalls. It seems now that a new era in the NGS Desktop War has began. Besides trying to convince the customers with data reports, graphs and commentaries, Illumina is now moving forward proposing some interesting trade-in programs. Basically, they would trade your existing sequencher (PGM, or 454 GS FLX) in change for their MiSeq, giving a consistent discount (around 50,000$ as some users reported).
By now Life Technologies responded that they are evaluating the trade-in option, but they have no concrete plans in the short period. 
More details and some interesting story from users sharing their experiences with NGS platforms and the Illumina's trade-in can be found on InSequence.

Are you ready for the next offer?

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