Thursday, 31 May 2012

Additional shots of the BGI meeting in our University

The roundtable with some professors of University of Brescia and the "delegacy" of BGI Europe.
Here Dr. Ning Li (Ceo at BGI europe) is drawing our attention on the crucial issue of data analysis in NGS.

"Technical strategy at BGI" a slide from the talk "Genetic testing at BGI Healthcare" by Miss Hui Jiang. (Deputy Director of Technology Development at BGI Europe)

The BGI team, probably the average age is 33 (...or less).

A summary of the number of NGS platforms around the world: try to bet who is the winner...

The meeting is finished but the topics to discuss are many.

P.S. Sadly during the meeting Northern Italy was shocked by two strong hearthquakes (and we felt them), 11 persons died that day in Emilia Romagna area and our thoughts are with them.

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