Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Don't you feel good? Spit on your smartphone!

"Hi sir. How are you feeling today? Not so well? Could you spit on the phone screen, please". This is not exactly what you could expect to hear from your doctor but it could happen in a future not so far.
Researchers of the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology in Daejeon are developing “a process that allows a droplet of fluid to be pressed against a smartphone’s touch screen for instant disease detection” as the article on Forbes magazine website reports about this potential future technology. Wait a second and try to think about the many potential applications of this feature! A doctor could theoretically check several biomedical parameters from blood or urine tests performed by patients at home by simply laying a drop of the biological sample on the smartphone's screen (the researchers are also developing a special cover or film to protect the touchscreen from contamination during testing). The touch screen of modern smartphones, in fact, extends far beyond the function to sense a finger touch, potentially it could detect much smaller things, such as droplets of human fluids containing biomarkers indicating a disease status, Forbes adds.

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