Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Just a couple of interesting tools

Look around for smart tools useful to safely walk through the NGS field I found these interesting pieces of research:

GenomeView: a next-generation genome browser
This seems a really good browser to visualize data from NGS. It can visualize the millions of reads produced by your sequencer as well as an entire genome aligned to your reference. Citing the authors: "GenomeView is unique in its capability to interactively handle huge data sets consisting of tens of aligned genomes, thousands of annotation features and millions of mapped short reads both as viewer and editor." Even more GenomeView is freely available as an open source software package.

The Human OligoGenome Resource: a database of oligonucleotide capture probes for resequencing target regions across the human genome
Sharing effort in target capturing is a really promising solution to reduce the costs of target enrichment, that are emerging as a real bottleneck in most NGS applications. Again lets talk the authors: "In total, this resource provides 92.1% in silicocoverage of the human genome. The online server allows researchers to download a complete repository of oligonucleotide probes and design customized capture assays to target multiple regions throughout the human genome."

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